ISACA Square Table: Reducing the deaf effect

As audit and risk professionals, have you ever wonder how can you better engage and get management to be more receptive with your message? Have you ever feel tired to be considered only bringing up “problems” or “bad news”?

Join our FREE English Square Table (online) on June 17th at 19:00 where Leon Yap, an experienced auditor in the field of project auditing and risk management, will share his thoughts, tips and tricks to be more effective in communication with management based on music theory concepts. 

Square Table abstract:

Information systems (IS) projects often get into trouble. When they do, internal auditors are often in a position to bring the problems to management’s attention. Unfortunately, managers are not always receptive to risk warnings, a phenomenon that is known as the deaf effect. In this presentation, I discuss whether concepts from music theory could advance our understanding of how internal auditors could become more effective in bringing their spoken message to managers’ attention.

Speaker: Leon Yap

An experienced auditor in the field of project auditing and risk management and held positions in the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (RWS), Schiphol and different municipalities. Leon joined the team Behavioral Risk at the Erasmus University as a Program Manager and is responsible for developing an Executive Program together with prof. dr. A. Nuijten and dr. N. Benschop. He is currently in his second year of his PhD in the field of Auditing & Behavioral IT Governance. His current research is an research into Hope and the Audit Effectiveness.

CPE (PE-Punten)


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