PECB; GDPR Foundation namiddag/avond of avond Training

Per 20 augustus is besloten om beide geplande GDPR foundation trainingen te annuleren, er blijkt momenteel geen interesse te bestaan. Daardoor zijn de onderstaande trainingen zijn gecanceld.

- Één training als "file-vermijders", 3 namiddagen van 16.00-20.00 uur.

- Één training op 3 avonden van 18.00-22.00 uur. Het examen is op een aparte middag/avond.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation that will enforce a stronger data protection regime for organizations that operate in the European Union (EU) and handle EU citizens’ data. GDPR constitutes the protection of personal data of employees, customers and others. In case organizations fail to comply with this regulation, they will be subject to heavy fines and damaged reputation. Considering that personal data represents critical and sensitive information that all organizations should protect, such a regulation will help put in place appropriate procedures and controls to prevent Information Security breaches. By May 2018, all organizations that operate in the EU should comply with this regulation.

Why is the General Data Protection Regulation important for you?

Considering that data breaches have become highly sophisticated in the recent years, the need for data protection has increased as well.

Information Security is crucial to the success of any organization since it deals with the protection of sensitive data from unauthorized access, use, replication and destruction. As such, organizations should put in place measures and controls to manage and diminish Information Security risks and comply with GDPR requirements. In case organizations fail to comply with the GDPR requirements, the penalties can reach up to 2% of an organization’s annual turnover. Also, in case of more serious infringements, the penalties can amount to 4% of an organization’s annual revenue. The implementation of a Privacy Framework, on the other hand, will allow professionals to develop and implement reliable controls that are generally accepted.

Becoming a Certified Data Protection Officer will enable you to acquire the necessary expertise to understand the risks that could have a negative impact on your organization and implement the required strategic responses based on the GDPR best practices, requirements and principles.

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Middag/avond training op maandag 27, dinsdag 28 en woensdag 29 augstus 2018. De middagen starten om 16.00 uur en duren tot 20.00 uur. De zaal is open vanaf 15:30 uur.--> Training is gecanceld doordat er geen interesse is getoond.
Avond training op woensdag 5, 12 en 19 september 2018. De avonden starten om 18.30 uur en duren tot 22.00 uur. De zaal is open vanaf 18.00 uur. Training is gecanceld doordat er geen interesse is getoond.
Voor een broodje en een drankje wordt gezorgd.

LocatieHotel Breukelen, Stationsweg 91 3621 LK Breukelen (op loopafstand van het station en direct aan de snelweg A2, afslag Breukelen).

Trainer: Krijn Kalma.

Kosten: € 1.250,- voor leden, € 1.450,- voor niet-leden bij inschrijving tot 15 augustus, daarna € 1.450,- voor leden en € 1.650,- voor niet-leden.

Aanmelden: U kunt zich inschrijven voor de training via: