IFIP World Computer Congress 2012


Towards an innovative, secure and sustainable information society

We invite you to an extremely exciting event in Amsterdam.

IFIP, the International Federation for Information Processing, was founded in 1960 and now represents 1 million members. It is holding its 22nd congress. The IFIP World Computer Congress 2012 will address an issue that is of interest to all of you and of great importance to our society.
Don’t miss this event!

Attending IFIP WCC 2012 enables you to:

  • Get updated on the latest trends in Information Systems & Information Technology
  • Listen to, and meet, Thought Leaders on IT Security, Social Media, Mobile & Cloud Technology, IT Education, and many more topics
  • Expand your (Global) Network with entrepreneurs, researchers and governmental organizations in the IS/IT domain


In short, find out what the future holds for your organization!

Register now on www.wcc-2012.org and benefit from the Early Bird Fee! (valid until 1 April 2012)