Round Table 7 oktober 2013

Round Table 7 oktober 2013

Beginnend op 07-10-2013

Bij Hotel Breukelen Stationsweg 91, 3621 LK Breukelen, Nederland

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Why does there need to be a next generation of cyber protection

Jan Leeflang & Ben Crocker, both FireEye

Synopsis of the talk:
Cyber attacks are changing at a pace faster than the currently available protections can keep up. The model for network security needs to move from assuming that the protectors know the threat and are ahead of the game to understanding that this is an ongoing game of catch-up that will never be won unless a change in thinking takes place. Moving from only allowing or denying the known to also quantifying and categorising the unknown will help fill the gaps in the currently available infrastructure, reducing the lag in providing adequate protection for an organisations precious data. FireEye has engineered a system specifically looking for the unknown threats to help fill the gap left behind by current defences.

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