Black Hat Sessions 13-6-19

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Bij NBC Nieuwsgein Blokhoeve 1, 3438 LC Nieuwegein, Nederland

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Black Hat Sessions (BHS) is Secura’s annual security conference where you will be informed about the latest trends, threats and solutions in the world of digital security.

The theme for this year’s BHS is: Protecting your Critical Systems. Cyber hacks are in the news every day. We all know about the relevance of digital security. But how to protect ourselves? Get inspired by our speakers on how they deal with their challenges.

National and international speakers will bring you up-to-date on security issues in critical sectors, including government, finance, insurance, government, energy, healthcare, chemical industry and high-tech All you need to know to protect your critical systems and better secure your organisation’s critical assets.

ISACA NL Chapter members are receiving a 10% discount on the entrence fee, please use the code ISACA@BHS19.


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