Breukelen, 3-6-19: NN Group journey to public cloud

Breukelen, 3-6-19: NN Group journey to public cloud

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This Round Table will be in the English language.

Title: NN Group journey to public cloud – finding the right balance between freedom and control

About 4 years ago, NN Group, a 2 billion euro result multi-national financial services company with more than 15,000 employees, embarked on a cloud journey. But, what started as a cloud program evolved soon into a huge transformation of how we do IT at NN, introducing new challenges and opportunities regarding freedom and control.

During this session we will share our most important and expensive lessons learned and will zoom in on topics like: how to find the right balance between freedom for the application team and being in control of our IT systems and data, how to efficiently design a cloud platform for scale and speed while maintaining the necessary level of security and compliance, and what change is needed on an organizational level to make this transition to cloud. We will also show how we implemented our security controls in our AWS and Azure environment.

Leon Kortekaas – By day managing cloud, by night building towards a new IT mindset and company culture. Leon is IT manager at NN Group. In this role, he is responsible for cloud and CI/CD. His goal is to transform NN and the way it uses IT so it can leverage the benefits of cloud and automation. Before NN Leon worked at an IT security company and a consulting company in the transport innovation sector.

Thomas Buiks – As Product Owner for the Azure platform within NN-Group, Thomas Buiks is currently responsible for delivering a self-service, scalable and compliant Azure platform to NN’s international units. He has a background in infrastructure within NN, with one of his largest outstanding achievements being the completion of the V2V datacenter migration for NN from the old on-premises site to a VMware based SDDC stack at IBM Cloud.

Renate Hendriksen – Working as an AWS Cloud Engineer at NN-Group, Renate is part of the team that provides a self-service scalable and compliant AWS platform to the NN’s business units. With previous experience as a Security Officer for the central IT department within NN-Group, and a background in Business Administration, Renate is very passionate about the challenges and opportunities on security and compliance in the public Cloud.


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