Round Table 9 april 2018: QYI foundation

Round Table 9 april 2018: QYI foundation

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Bij Hotel van der Valk Eindhoven Aalsterweg 322, 5644 RL Eindhoven

Categorieën: Round Tables

Subject: 'QYI foundation'

Speaker: Bram Neuteboom

Al weer enkele jaren geleden heeft QIY founder, Marcel van Galen, het gedachtengoed achter QIY uiteengezet tijdens een Round Table in Breukelen. Tijd voor een update, en dit keer komt Bram Neuteboom naar Eindhoven om ons over QIY bij te praten.

Vision of QIY
The vision of Qiy Foundation is that the position of man in the digital world should be equal to the position of man in the physical world. Human values and acting in accordance with the human dimensions are important principles.

Mission of QIY
The mission of the Qiy Foundation is to facilitate collaboration by public and private parties to a scheme in which the individual is part of a safe and reliable digital ecosystem. Market parties who adhere to the Qiy Scheme develop and / or use the solutions that give individuals control over their data.

The result
The vision and the mission are implemented in an open standard and a set of rules and regulations under the guidance and supervision of an authority: the Qiy Foundation, which is governed independently.


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