Round Table December 14th 2017

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Bij Novotel Amsterdam City Europaboulevard 10, 1083 AD Amsterdam, Nederland

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Subject: ‘Empowerment of risk and assurance functions with technology enablement by Managed risk solution CCM’

Speaker: Gaurav Luhadiya

We live in a transformational time; the dawn of the information age. To survive and thrive in an environment of exponential change, it’s imperative for businesses to continuously adapt. Shortening business cycles demand agile development of technologies, practices and business models in new ways to amplify, disrupt and create exponential innovation.

 Innovative information technologies and big data are part of the problem but they also provide the solution; a technology enabled solution that continuously monitors risk events, leveraging the widely available data sources in today’s information based business operations.

 “Continuous Control Monitoring (CCM)” solution is designed for empowering the business. Let business be agile –move forward with innovative technologies such as cloud, robotics, mobile, data lakes and at the same time empower them with real-time actionable, intelligent and focused insights in risk events so they can respond, recover and learn.

Our aim is to make organization more agile and resilient with less bureaucratic controls compensated by continuous detect and response capabilities at highly predictable costs.

Biography:Gaurav Luhadiya


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