Round Table 4 september 2017

Round Table 4 september 2017

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Bij Hotel Van der Valk Breukelen Stationsweg 91, 3621 LK Breukelen

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This Round Table will be in English

Subject: The privacy leftovers of a surveillance buffet (online surveillance)

Speaker: Andor Demarteau

Data protection and privacy is a hot topic due to impending GDPR EU legislation and fining structures. After numerous disclosures, such as Snowden. EU/US privacy agreements were changed, now the new safe harbor replacement, privacy shield is in use with mixed success. Another striking challenge, the GDPR is meant to primarily strengthen the position of citizens, adopting more stringent measures on information security, cryptography usage and data leakage prevention. However, several influential governments have decided the opposite route such as the USA with rule 41 which allows hacking anywhere, the UK snoopers charter, new Canadian powers which border on frightening as well as German mass surveillance plans which set against the country’s historical perspective are worrying to say the least.

This presentation will primarily focus on the GDPR and it’s articles on automatic profiling as well as what this means for data usage.
Next to that, some techniques will be discussed used for profiling which may or may not be apparent as falling under the profiling regulations in the GDPR.

Drs. Andor Demarteau, CIPP/E, CIPM, CISM, CISA, CISSP, SCF, CEH
Andor  started his interest in IT Security back in 2000 during is study of computer science at Utrecht University. After graduation in 2008 he worked for Capgemini, Magion and the Sociale Verzekeringsbank before starting his own company Shamrock Information Security in February 2016.

Having worked in information security with always a healthy interest for the privacy aspects for the last 9 years, Andor got his first privacy certification in 2016 and is currently heavily involved in the data protection sector with partnerships with several GDPR related parties including the GDPR Group Ltd.

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